1 Peter 1:6-7

In 1 Peter 1:6-7, God gives us some principles in dealing with trials and suffering in our lives. The first thing we see here in 1 Peter 1:6 is that trials or tests in our lives meet needs. Look at the phrase “if need be.” This verse indicates that there are special times when God knows that we need to go through trials. Sometimes it’s God’s discipline when we have disobeyed His will. Other times trials prepare us for spiritual growth. This is one of the founding Christian principles of trials and trusting God.

It is easy for women to serve God when everything is going wonderfully. But when suffering comes are we going to believe God and trust Him? Are we still going to serve Him when things get tough? Real growth in our lives comes during times of trial and testing. It’s not on the mountaintops that we grow. We may not always know the need, and usually, we don’t, but God knows what is best for us so we must trust Him during times of testing and draw near to His heart. We grow from faith to faith, so it’s important that we pass the test of trials so that we will find His strength for the next trial that comes along.

In 1 Peter 1:6 it is told that trials are “varied” or variegated or different. You may have one kind of mountain to climb at one time in your life and a very different one at another time in your life. You can have problems with your children, family trouble, not being on the same page with your husband, financial stress, problems at work, and health issues. There are seasons of our lives that bring about different kinds of trials. But God has His grace to meet each one of them. And again we must not think that because we have overcome one kind of trial that we will automatically win them all. As Christian women, we choose to walk by faith and believe God in each one we face. We must trust God to know what we need, and that He will match it with the strength, we need to trust him in each particular trial.

Trials, tests, mountains, obstacles; are not easy. Again it says in 1 Peter 1:6 “you have been grieved by various trials.” That word grieved means to be in heaviness, or experience grief or pain. Peter is telling it like it is. It is the same word to describe our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane. Though we are to count it all joy when we fall into various trials as it says in James 1, that does not mean we become robotic and deny the fact that our trials are painful; because they are. However, we are not to fall into despair but trust that God is working His will and His way in our lives and showing to those around us that we have faith and are still serving God no matter how painful and challenging they are.

As Christian women, we are such a testimony to those around us when we go thru trials correctly. Like Job, we should say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Passing through our trials believing and trusting God is such a powerful testimony. Look at the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. Their enemy turned the furnace up hotter and hotter and yet there was a fourth one with them such as the Son of man. The Bible tells us that Job was better at the end than the beginning.

God controls trials. Look again at 1 Peter 1:6 “Though now for a little while.” The fact is trials do not last forever. When God allows His children to pass thru the furnace, He keeps His eye on the clock and His hand on the thermostat. If we rebel, He may have to reset the clock. The best way through a trial is to face it head on and walk through it trusting God no matter what the outcome. If we submit to Him, he will not allow us to suffer one minute longer than necessary. The important thing is that we learn what He is trying to teach us that we might bring glory to Him. An untested faith cannot be a trusted faith. Persevering through the tests and trials of life prove to us that our faith is real faith and not the seed that has fallen on the shallow ground.

Look 1 Peter 1:7: He illustrates this truth by referring to the goldsmith. He would turn the heat up hotter and hotter. And put the gold in and scrape the impurities from the top, so that was left was pure gold that he could see His reflection in it: tested by fire. In the same way, God keeps us in the furnace of suffering until we reflect the beauty and glory of Jesus Christ. The important thing to remember is God’s glory is not fully revealed to us until Jesus returns for His Church.

Our trying and testing experiences today are preparing us for glory tomorrow. When we see Jesus Christ, we will bring praise, glory, an honor to Him. If we have been faithful in the sufferings of this life; we will receive our reward.

In Him,

Gayle Grenier
Calvary Visalia