2 Timothy 2:22

I woke up this morning with our retreat song running through my head. It’s a good one…all of you ladies that are going to be joining us in Three Rivers will be coming back home on Sunday with it running through YOUR heart and mind.
“God take us back, the place we began, the simple pursuit of nothing but You. The innocence of a heart in your hand, God take us back, oh God take us back. To an unswerving faith in the power of Your Name, a heart beating for Your kingdom to reign, a church that is known for Your presence again. God take us back. Nothing and no one comes close to You, nothing could ever come close. Nothing and no one, it’s You and You only, nothing could ever come close.”
What I want for myself, for our women’s ministry, is for us to truly be pursuing nothing but Jesus. I’m praying for our faith to be unswerving, which means not changing or becoming weaker; constant and steady. How amazing would it be for our church to simply be known for God’s presence? These words aren’t fancy. The ideas aren’t deep, but their simplicity is profound. We bring so much “baggage” and “stuff” into our relationship with Jesus and it’s just not necessary. It’s not! God simply wants us. He loves US. We need to simply want HIM, pursue HIM, chase after HIM, completely long for the day when HIS kingdom reigns. It’s coming…and what a day it will be!
Until then, ladies, how about some revival? How about putting aside all of the things that distract us and simply seek God’s will? “The simple pursuit of nothing but You…God take us back”!
“Run from anything that stimulates youthful lists. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:22‬ ‬
❤️ Trisha