Proverbs 3:5-6

We’re in the middle of a minefield. I heard a snippet on the radio last week and it compared our Christian walk to being in the middle of a minefield. We can stick close to the narrow path that was prepared for us that will ultimately lead us through unharmed, or we can choose to try to make our own path and chance stepping on a mine and losing everything.
My dad was in Cambodia on a mission trip several years ago. One of the local teenagers wanted to take him out to show him the jungle areas. His guide took him down a trail and he kept seeing signs posted only to find out that they were warnings to stay on the path because they were literally walking in the middle of a minefield. You better believe that, knowing there were landmines buried throughout the field, that he didn’t even budge a foot over the trail.
Why then, if we know that staying on the path that God has laid out in front of us is the only way to safety, do we think that we can somehow choose to go rogue, to venture off course, and navigate on our own? All around us is danger. It’s everywhere. There are the blatant dangers of sin from crime to sexual sin and everything in between. But there are also the subtle forms of sin that come from people who speak some truth, but mix in a lot of lies that come straight from Satan. Lies that say that God’s Word is not perfect, that it’s not infallible, that it doesn’t necessarily mean exactly what it says. Lies covered in pretty words, glitter, and bling that distract us to the point that we find ourselves being swayed and believing them because our eyes are no longer fixed on Jesus and we are not following the path He has set before us.
We have one job to do. Follow our leader. Follow Him so closely that we learn His mannersisms, His characteristics, that we know what He loves and what pains Him. Follow Him through the valleys and on the mountaintops. Ladies, let’s not be distracted by the glitter and bling, don’t be deceived by the pretty words. Don’t fall for the subtle, it eventually leads to the blatant. God wants so much better for us. He’ll pick us up when we fall, you can count on that. Always. But how much better would it be for us to avoid falling in the first place? This is why we have this page. This is why we’re sharing together each week, so that we can learn and grow TOGETHER, so that we can be accountable to EACH OTHER. So that together, we can follow our leader, Jesus Christ.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6
<3 Trisha