Psalm 119:88

“Revive me according to Your lovingkindness, So that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.” Psalm 119:88

I just love a flower garden. I follow Gray’s Farms on Instagram and Facebook, and I enjoy looking at the pictures of their flower fields. All the beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes, the fun arrangements they make with them. Those girls know how to grow flowers! Every spring, my Oklahoma redbud trees, start to bloom with those beautiful purple blossoms. I start getting the flower bug and want to pretty up our yard, and I’ll go to Lowe’s, and if we’re honest, I’m going to spend at least a hundred dollars and buy flowers and plants, and I’ll spend a whole day planting them throughout the yard. And it’ll look beautiful.

Seriously, after my day of gardening, the yard usually looks pretty fab. I start off great. I plant them; I give them lots of water, sometimes even a little Miracle Grow, and not the off-brand stuff, legit Miracle Grow. Nothing but the best for my new flowers. Then life happens, I, like all of you, am a busy girl, so instead of watering them myself, I’ll start asking my kids to go out and water my lovely flowers, and that goes well for another few weeks, and then most of them die. It’s my annual cycle. It happens every single spring without fail. And then after they die, I’m usually in a state of denial. And so I go into overwatering mode, to try to bring them back to life. They still end up being dead. I’m horrible to these poor plants. They go from beautiful flowers and healthy green leaves to withered, curled up leaves, dry, brown flowers. If you looked at the way I killed plants, you would never believe that they were once beautiful.

And you know sometimes, sadly, you can say the same thing about my life. We are all God’s creation. We are His garden. And sometimes what once was a life focused on the things of God and striving after this stuff, that beautiful flower in God’s garden, all of a sudden is a withered, dying, and sad life. Sometimes I feel like I have just enough in me just to survive. Have you been at that point? Where life is throwing a bunch of stuff at you, and you’re holding it together, but just barely. You’re surviving. And survival is not the worst place to be. When you’re getting by, you’re at least not going backward; and you’re not failing. You’re surviving. You’re a survivor. And we honor survivors. We praise them. People that survive wars, or survive hard circumstances, they deserve to be recognized, deserve to be applauded. But living in survival mode all your life, while it might just keep you from dying, it doesn’t allow you to live. A plant could very well survive not getting enough water or getting too much sun for a little while, but surviving and thriving are two very different things. It’s tough to bloom when you’re in survival mode.

God doesn’t just want us to survive. He wants us to have life. In John 10:10, Jesus tells us, “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” So how do we get from that place of survival to a place where we’re living for Jesus and thriving. How do we, as part of God’s Garden go from being withered up to blooming? The only way to do that means you need to be revived. Survive by definition is to remain alive and to continue to live or exist, in spite of danger or hardship, the word revive means to restore to life or consciousness, to give new strength or energy to; to restore beauty and to thrive.

Would you join us on this journey of personal revival? Would you commit to asking God to stir in your heart a desire to grow? Because if each of us makes that commitment, it excites my heart just thinking about how God will move in this Revive: Calvary Visalia Women’s Ministry. Revival starts with us!


Trisha Sapien
Calvary Visalia Women’s Ministry Director