Psalm 141:3

“Take control of what I say, O Lord and guard my lips.” Psalm 141:3
People can be annoying. It’s just the truth. They can irritate and frustrate and chip at you until you reach crazy. Generally speaking, I’m pretty good at being kind and not losing my cool and keeping my mouth shut in those situations…that is, until I get home. And then it never fails…the reaction that I’ve been holding in, ends up coming out. I end up talking sharp to my kids or my husband, as though they were the person making me crazy to begin with!! It makes me sad that I can keep it together around everyone else, but I can’t give that same kindness to those I love most. My sweet family are always understanding and forgiving, but how I wish that they could consistently get the “thoughtful, think before I speak, don’t give a reaction to the crazy” version of myself! The truth is that there is no justifying this behavior. An unkind reaction given, even if pushed to the breaking point, is never okay…in fact an ungodly reaction is just as bad as the irritating action that you’re reacting to!
Thank the Lord that we can give it to God! Trust Jesus with the frustrating and irritating people/situations in your life and then simply ask Him to take control of your tongue and your words. Don’t just ask God to guard against ungodly ACTIONS…make sure you’re asking Him to guard your lips against ungodly REACTIONS!!
❤️ Trisha