Romans 12:1-2

Romans 12:1-2. What is God’s will for your life? I love to read this every day. This is God’s will for my life. To present my body a living sacrifice by giving my life to the one who gave His life for me. It’s my reasonable service it says, How can I not? Lord, You died for me and gave me a new life. You say it is at your mercy. Look at all you have done for me.

Forgiveness, justification, adoption into your family. Your love and mercy for me are more than I can describe with words! I’m holy and acceptable to you for all that You have done. Lord, I give you my hands that I might serve you today. I give you my feet that I may go where you want me to go and not go where I should not. I give you my mind that I may think your thoughts today. I give you my mouth that I may speak those things that are pleasing to you and agreeable to others. I give you my heart that I may have Your heart to the lost world around me. I give you my will that I may obey you and follow you where you lead me today.

Lord, I do not want to be conformed to this world in which I’m living, rather I want to be transformed by your Word each day. Your Word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path that I might live a life that is pleasing to you. Your word is what enables me to live out that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

In Him,

Gayle Grenier
Calvary Visalia